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Missouri Press Association Bulletin, September 18, 2015, Page 2 Need help with a newspaper issue? Check the links at mopress.com/reporterslinks.php. Call: 573-449-4167 Want a way to reach thousands of potential clients all through one online portal? Missouri Press Service's Online Ad Network provides advertisers with the ability to reach those customers reading newspapers online, with only a few clicks. CALENDAR 2015 October 1-3 - 129th NNA Convention, St. Charles 15 - Mo. Photojournalism Hall of Fame induction, Columbia Public Notice advertising plays a unique role both in American his- tory and in the process by which this country's democracy is preserved. Its one premise is that people must be informed if they are to govern themselves competently. Public No- tice advertising first came into be- ing with the Congress of 1792. That body, recognizing its responsibility to the people, required the Postmas- ter General to advertise for bids for the construction of new post offices. From that inauspicious beginning to the publication requirements in fed- eral, state and local laws today, gov- ernment officials have come more and more to understand their obliga- tions to inform the public through Public Notice advertising. Newspa- pers over the years have been the vehicle by which these obligations have been fulfilled. They will con- tinue to be as long as the public de- mands that it be informed frequently and by the best means possible. Because the People Must Know. Missouri Press Association Assistant Executive Director Mark Maassen is calling for volunteers to serve on a planning committee for next year's 150th anniversary of the MPA and convention events in Branson: "As we wind down from this year's convention, it is not too early to look forward to next year's meeting, especially since it will be the 150th. We need to form a committee to assist us in the planning," Maassen said. Some points to consider: -- Next year is an election year, with the US Senate and the Governor's races headlining. -- Additional sponsors will be needed, especially with some of the special programming we have in mind. -- Well-known speakers should be considered to potentially be added to the convention agenda. The first meeting of the committee is tentatively scheduled the second week of November. Contact Mark Maassen at mmaassen@ socket.net or call 573-449-4167 if interested in serving on the committee. Volunteers needed for MPA 150th Anniversary committee For more information and to register go online to: http://www.onlinemediacampus.com/2015/09/overtime-regulations/

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